Wake up Newars

(Nepal Sambat 1137 Bachhala 20)
“First they came for ग्वारा क्व. Hundred of people went far away and stayed in a cheaper house. I did not speak out—

Because I was not living in ग्वारा क्व

Then they came for the त्यागल to नुग: हिति expansion, more than 500 people had to leave with low amount of money in their hand that could not afford them a new house. त्यागल, भिन्छेबहा:, हकत्वा:, धालाछेँ, including 7 toles were erased, dozen of देग:, numbers of चीबहा:, ल्वहं आख:, फल्चा, दबू, सत: were demolished, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not living in that area.

Then they came for नुग: हिति to मङ्ग: बजा: path. That precious लुँहिति/नुग: हिति along with सौग: हिति was destroyed. पँमाय् छेँ broke into pieces. More than a fifty toles collapsed, बहा:, लाछि, ननि, फल्चा, सत:, चीबहा: and everything including तधंगुथि, सीगुथि, सनागुथि got extinct. About more than a thousand people were chased away,  and I did not speak out—

Because I was not living in that area.

Because मङ्ग: बजा: and यल लाय्‌कू is a very famous heritage area, the state gave patronage to it.

At last, they headed to माहापा: to क्वन्ति road. Alas! my house was on the way. पतक्व is affected now. I cried. I saw all around. Now मणिबही was to be removed. माहाद्य:-नारां देग: would be demolished. पतक्व द्वँ that historical site would be a fun park. चीबहा: द्य: would be dismantled, and the tube well collapsed. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

At last, I realised what I lost. If I has spoke for people of ग्वारा क्व. If I had spoke for people of त्यागल, धालाछेँ, हक त्वा:, नुग:, भिन्छे त्वा:, भिन्छेबहा:. If I supported the people from सौग:, कुति सौग:? If I helped the people from ह:खा!

But everyone is gone. Everyone has been chased away and now it is my turn. This realisation was late and there is nothing I can do except surrender to the state.

I realised that now there is no more a Jatra route. It has been blocked. Who would do Jatras? The organising people had been forced to flee very far. I realised the history, the significance of the toles vanished along it being demolished. We no longer would go to grandma’s lap and hear the tales of म्व: मरु ग:लि. No more the meaning of क्वन्ति. No more shines the तल्जु अजिमा. देप had already been captured by  sukumbaasi.

I thought development is coming. It was very late I realised it is genocide. I thought cash is coming. It was very late when I realised, I am selling my valuable land that could survive to benefit generations long, for short term cash. By the time it was too late, because we are now only देसे दुने. There are people who are indifferent to us देसे पिने. We are hosting suicide. But it was already late, it was already late.

Yes there were few people remaining. Staying with the noise of pee pe poo poo and the mass crowd that even exist in what was peaceful “दुने दुने पाखे उलि हल्ला मरु थाय्”. They are living waiting an ultimatum, of when their turn is to be another family to be displaced. They are living under a fear, that their issues will be heard or not. They are surrounded by people who have made the locals: the new people. They celebrate with approval from the once who have controls in their festival. Who knows someday authority would say stop this Jatra, is what they fear. Controlled, over ruled and helpless to do.  ”

——- Minjala मिँजला