Kathmanduities are initiating an Internet Strike

For the first time in the history of Nepal, an internet strike is being initiated in Nepal. Although internet strike has been a common stuff in many parts of the world, this concept is new and a bit different in Nepal. Internet Strike was once organized in US, where all website servers decided to take down their website for certain period of time to protest against a law, and then show up on streets. But, it is going to be something different in Nepal.

What is this Internet Strike?

Internet strike is a new concept in country like Nepal, and this is the first time in the history of Nepal that Internet Strike is taking place. This internet strike would be somehow different as well. In other countries as recorded, many websites took down their website for a certain period of time to show solidarity in the protest. But in Nepal, we are doing this something different.

Why are we doing this?

We all know that problems in Nepa valley(aka Kathmandu valley) is glooming too much. I don’t need to explain this too much to our Nepalese citizens because we all are aware how much Kathmandu is degraded. We all say Kathmandu is the capital of the country and most developed place of Nepal, but the state of Kathmandu does not look like it is the capital. We have also failed to understand what development truly means. Therefore, we need to seek for a permanent solution for these glooming problem of the valley and work for better development of Nepal.

Our main issues of concern for this Internet Strike are as follows:-

  1. Deeply centralized development system. We need to tell the state that we need development and establishment of cities in other regions of Nepal.
  2. Destruction in the name of development. The actual meaning of development is not being applied. We are doing construction projects without studying over all positive and negative impacts of it. We cannot see development as just construction work, but we need to see sustainability and positive human impacts.
  3. The condition of existing urban and sub-urban premises are very bad, we want authorities to focus on development of existing settlements, improving its quality and upbringing living standard and economic standard of the inhabitants. This includes everything from health facilitates, employment opportunities, water availability, proper road and sewage pipelines, traffic management.
  4. Environment and nature is something very essential to human life, but we all know the pollution rate of the valley. The air, water and land here is not just harmful but is fully toxic. We need to protect environment and create a healthy nature. This includes protection of fertile land, green areas and green spaces in the towns.
  5. We all know how fertile the land of valley is. This relates us with food security and proper use of land. The remaining agricultural and fertile land of the valley must be protected and utilized properly for food of our country. Introduce Land Use Act in Nepal.
  6. Control the un-managed new towns and new settlements created by Real Estates and Land Mafias that is causing the Kathmandu to sprawl and making it more and more messy, focus more on making cities in other regions of Nepal.
  7. To preserve, protect, promote and develop the ancient civilization of Nepa valley. Heritage preservation including heritage towns of the valley should be protected and well preserved. We need to utilize the Indigenous knowledge.
  8. We are against construction of outer ringroad and satellite towns, as well as un-justified road expansions in the valley. We do not agree the fast Track Project alignment. We do not need outer ringroad and satellite towns which has more negative impacts to the valley, and contributes in sprawl and dis-management of the valley. We need to focus on development of existing infrastructures and development of in-developed parts of Nepal

We can provide large sources of rationale for our eight point agendas. The link to the article including its rationale are at the end of this article.

How are we doing this?

The initiation of this Internet Strike is being taken by Save Nepa Valley Movement, but this does not mean the strike is of the movement members only. This movement is of Nepal and Nepalese people. It is for the benefit for every Nepalese citizens.

We will use every social media as far as possible. The major social media in use would be Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is also entertained. So the basis step we all need to do is download this picture in your device.

Picture to be downloaded from here and then uploaded to social media

The date of the Internet Strike is on 2074 Shrawan 17(August 1, 2017)

For 24 hours of the day, we are supposed to upload or put no status or anything to our social media. We will not post anything else but only the above given picture. While posting this picture please also include a hashtag #SaveNepaValley. For 24 hours on the day, we shall not post anything else, but only the stuffs related to our movement, with the same hashtag.

We also need to message this in KDVA’s email and their authorized people’s profile with a civilized language including our demands.

Why that picture and Khabardar?

In order to create a curiosity among the public. This picture does not explain much things when uploaded online. So people will become curious of what is this. Moreover, Save Nepa Valley movement is mentioned in the bottom with caution saying “Beware”. When this reaches to a level of mass, it shall create a curiosity among people and even the people in authority.

That is why we also need to upload this with the hashtag, on twitter as well. Tagging Hello Sarkar and KVDA on Twitter is entertained.  Once this is done by a big mass, it will reach out to the authority and a great curiosity will appear in their minds. It indicates something big is going to happen in this valley, which actually is gonna happen.

24 hours after the Internet strike, we will officially in our page Save Nepa Valley Movement and in this blog release our official statement to public and authority. It will be published on 18 Shrawan, 7 am.

What are its impacts?

We cannot undermine the power of social media, although “facebook ma matra karayera kei hunna” is a common narrative amongst us. In recent times, we have seen many hashtags gone viral through Twitter. Now it is our turn. We can make this go viral, at least publish this on social media in such a mass that it gains attention of the national media and authority.

This is also because on Shrawan 19, the Supreme Court of Nepal has a verdict on a case filed against “destruction and displacement in name of development”. Some people from authority and KVDA are preordaining the Supreme Court to cancel all those cases filed against KVDA. This will be a great loss for development of the valley since the valley might turn into un-livable construction site.

We are also outside social media

Facebook and Twitter are social media to develop curiosity among the public and make this issue a highlight in national(even international is possible if we push harder) level media. But we will call for protest on 19 Shrawan. This is just a way to use the power of social media to grab attention from everyone to our movement.

Also lets drop a collective email and messages: The email and messages should be : “Khabardar: Save Nepa Valley Movement” and done on the same day of Internet Stike. Their email id is ykp.kvda@gmail.com

Seeing the same stuff almost everywhere will create a curiosity among people and also a feeling to authority that something grand is happening in the valley.



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