1) Language issues

  1. Stop Khas language imposition
  2. English as lingua franca not linguistic imperialism?
  3. Nepal should also have multi-lingual currency
  4. Stigmatization of non-Khas accents in Nepal
  5. Right to information in Mother Language
  6. Demand to mandate in-flight announcements in Nepalese languages.
  7. Language privilege: What it is and why it matters
  8. Check Your Linguistic Privilege
  9. Why “Nepali language” must not be called so
  10. Lets make Khas language a unifying language, not imposed language
  11. Black Day for Nepal Bhasa
  12. What Christian missionaries can do to Janjatis, Nepal government can’t?
  13. If funding language is waste, why is government funding Khas and Sanskrit?
  14. Native language threatened at its own homeland
  15. The Justification of Minority Language Rights
  16. Euro English
  17. Dialects of Nepal Bhasa
  18. Officially Adopting Local Languages
  19. Nepali and Nepal Bhasa: Different language: Clearing the confusion
  20. Language and Sexuality: An intersection sexual rights activists need to also talk about
  21. Radio Nepal’s ban on Nepal Bhasa: 53rd commemoration of Newa Upsurge

2) Ethnic issues

  1. Destruction of caste
  2. Nepal is Unity in Diversity, not Uniformity
  3. It is Chomolungma
  4. Don’t play identity politics!
  5. In new Nepal
  6. Why do Newa people need to give constant certificates of them being Nepalese?
  7. Criticism of Dirgha Raj Prasai’s article “History Of Nepali Language and its importance”
  8. The obsession of mainstream media to present every indigenous culture masking MEHN-ism

3) Newa issues in specific

  1. Pashupati’s control lost from the natives
  2. Please collect memories from Newa towns
  3. Evidences regarding that Nepal was term used for the Newa kingdoms
  4. The Newa Concept of Chuka/Chukwa चुक/चुक्व
  5. Newars are not “making mistake”, it’s our tongue
  6. Encroachment of Newa Land
  7. A new Newa movement
  8. For survival of Newa Civilization, we need power, we need autonomy
  9. The thorns of displacement sugarcoated with term development
  10. The banished Newa Christians
  11. Newari: A Politically Laden, Inappropriate term
  12. Newa Muslims: Ignored, Lost and Shadowed Identity
  13. The dark history of Tribhuwan University

4) LGBTI issues

  1. The hypocrisy in transwomen beauty pageants
  2. Intersex bodies are “normal”
  3. Stop gender seterotyping
  4. We cannot seek equality identifying with a discriminatory term
  5. Police found stolen idols but our media found third gender as criminal
  6. Arguing for same sex marriage
  7. Why International LGBTI Day?
  8. Creating an LGBT-inclusive School Climate
  9. National LGBTI Day
  10. Transwomen are not “men”, men who like transwomen are not “gay”
  11. Transwomen who are lesbians and bisexual
  12. It isn’t the mockery of Hisila Yami, rather an example of transphobia
  13. Fake id definition: Crackdown to LGBTI people
  14. LGBTI ‘roles and stereotypes’: An emerging issue

My personal experiences and emotions:

  1. My personal experience in taking birth as a transgender
  2. People who take special interest on my gender identity
  3. We should no longer stay silent
  4. A woman prefect for being penetrated behind, but not for a wife
  5. I have a heart that can love: A transwoman
  6. Why I am doing hashtag #TransExclusionistTU

Experiences of indifferent treatment for being a transgender(Archive)

Highlighting: How does genital of intersex people look like?

5) Women’s issues and feminism

  1. Why should women cover up just because men get horny at every inch of skin on women?
  2. Miss Nepal: Who are actually them?

6) Men’s issues

  1. Remove ‘only female’ provision in nursing profession
  2. About men who are attracted to transwomen
  3. International Day for Men who are attracted to Transwomen

7) Religious ignorance, dogma and blind faith

  1. Nigerian senate votes down gender equality bill because it is against their religion
  2. Cow is animal, animal cannot be a mother of human
  3. A religious cult: Sujan Babu Paudel

8) Social issues, Taboo(in general)

  1. Holi with consent
  2. Social message of skin whitening products’ ad
  3. Stop parental domination
  4. Suicide can be prevented
  5. Nepal’s 2068 Census
  6. Sexually active does not mean unprincipled
  7. Hashtag #JitaNaJula- Sexual Harassment during Holi

9) Kathmandu, development and decentralization

  1. Protect fertile land of Kathmandu
  2. Rainwater Harvesting and Groundwater Recharge for Water Storage in the Kathmandu Valley
  3. Development should be participatory
  4. Yén येँ(Kathmandu) was built in shape of Khadga
  5. For those who show lofty promises to develop Kathmandu
  6. New cities in 4 least developed federal states of Nepal
  7. And Kathmandu Valley went to path of destruction
  8. Kathmandu: An interview with my grandmother and her experiences
  9. The nostalgia of Ga: Khusi
  10. Story of an over smart city: Yén
  11. Kathmanduities are initiating an Internet Strike
  12. Where is Free Prior Informed Consent in Nepal?
  13. Rise Natives Rise
  14. Why is a native term being called communal but not a term brought intentionally to supplant the native one?
  15. My concerns on Smart City in Nepal
  16. What is Save Nepa Valley Initiation?
  17. Comprehensive Development and the neglected aspects of development

10) Heritage issues

  1. Asian Development Bank to smash over Limbuwan Heritage

11) Report Writing(Field visit, Excursion, Conferences, Program, Summit)

  1. Dilla 13’s excursion in Khwopa and Yala
  2. Thinla 28’s excursion in Yén
  3. Women Leadership Summit 2018

12) Body image and Body shaming

  1. Newa Dress Bangkok flight drew surprised reactions

13) Miscellaneous

  1. There is no inherent meaning of life
  2. Atheist Solidarity Day