Welcome to my blog.

Jwajalapa everybody. Myself Rukshana Kapali, a  transgender girl from Yala(Patan) , Nepalmandal, Nepal. I am here in this page to share my view points on different issues and topics. I am here to present my views affiliating to Rationalism, Humanism, Skepticism, Critical Thinking, Atheism, Human rights, Social activism, Language Enthusiast, Indigenous activist, Ethno-linguistic rights activist. I started my social activism since I was 14 and now I am 18.

You can read my posts in three languages. I write in two Nepali languages: Nepalbhasa and Gorkhali/Parbate/Khas language, and in English. Here are the lists:

In Nepal Bhasa

थन क्लिक यानादिसँ

In English

Click here

In Gorkhali/Khas/Parbate language

यहाँ क्लिक गर्नुहोस्


  1. Kathmandu degrading in the name of development
  2. Wake up Newars
  3. Changes in Balbu village
  4. बल्बु गामय् जिं खङ्क ह्यूगु थिथि खँ
  5. Hidden facts about Prithvi Narayan Shah
  6. My Quotes-1
  7. My Quotes-2
  8. Intersex genitila
  9. Report of same sex marriage(Nepal)
    समलिङ्गी विवाहसम्बन्धी अध्ययन प्रतिवेदन- भाग १समलिङ्गी विवाहसम्बन्धी अध्ययन प्रतिवेदन- भाग २समलिङ्गी विवाहसम्बन्धी अध्ययन प्रतिवेदन- भाग ३

Few of my facebook pages:

  1. Troll Nepal Mandal
  2. Federal Nepal Trolls
  3. Nepal Mandal–  an ancient confederation marked by cultural, religious and political boundaries which lies in present-day central Nepal, consisting the Kathmandu Valley and surrounding areas.15232151_1733881243598592_362283820923417183_n.jpg
  4. Let’s preserve and promote our mother language
  5. Sex education for transwomen and men who have sex with them
  6. इदो भाषाका बारे सचेतना
  7. Not the third sex– A campaign opposing the use of term “third gender” or “third sex”
  8. Gender Equality– A approach for inclusive gender equality concept
  9. Legalize beef in Nepal– Campaign against considering cow as national animal and to uplift ban against beef in Nepal
  10. Newa Khas Vernacular– A page to write Khas language in a way traditional Newars speak, also a satire to those people who tease Newars  speaking Khas language with Newari accent
  11. A Bisexual Transwoman
  12. नेपालका सबै भाषाहरू नेपाली भाषा हुन् (Translated: All languages of Nepal are Nepali/Nepalese languages.) It has been a few decades that Khas or Gorkhali or Parbate language has been named as Nepali language, but the term ‘Nepali’ is an adjective of whole Nepal and it does not particuarly resemble any particular linguistic group. It is a movement to consider all languages of Nepal as Nepali languages.

Initiated events

Few events which I have initiated through Facebook and am trying to establish or celebrate these events.

  1. International Day for Men who are attracted to Transwomen– April 5
  2. International LGBTI Day– June 17
  3. National LGBTI Day(Nepal)– Paush 6
  4. Decentralized Nepal Campaign

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. थोइट दुखी आत्मा अरु अरु लेख खोइ यतिले के गर्नु 😃😂😂😂😃😃😃😄😃😄

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  2. Rukshana you are a brave young lady. Work hard, read as much as you can, travel. Aim for nothing but the very best for yourself. I was glad to know you want to be a linguist and Nepal Bhasa expert. And I am confident, you will make an excellent scholar. You are smart, hardworking and motivated. At seventeen, you have taken control of your life and destiny. You have embraced your identity and you have refused to give up your dreams despite immense pressure from the society. I am so proud of you.

    My best wishes are with you.

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